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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 8, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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news" a deadly earthquake strikes the mexican coastline. people are feeling the effects hundreds of miles away. >> another story breaking overnight a woman is ambushedded and sexually assaulted near a philadelphia college campus. >> hurricane irma batters the turks and caicos, now it's on a direct path to florida. the governor has shut down most nonemergency services starting
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today. good morning, 5:30 a.m., september 8. matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes joins us. >> let's head over to karen rogers and david murphy. we're feeling almost guilty with our weather with irma down there. >> reporter: i was the looking at facebook live, there are winds up are high along the coast of florida. we've got cloud cover, we have sunshine and additional clouds to the west along with sprinkles and showers that are falling a part at this point. if we see any rain it will be a light sprinkle or shower quickly in the northern suburbs. everybody else stays dry even in the northern areas it's not bad. 59 degrees in philadelphia. we're starting out cool in the city. 54 in trenton. 52 in allentown. 63 in beach haven. 54 in wilmington, 56 in dover, 66 in cape may. looks like it will be a nice
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day, a little bit below average with a high of 73 around 3:00 p.m. but fairly bright a few clouds at times, we'll call it partly sunny overall. a little bit breezy, too, kind of a cool comfortable day, 73 is the high. on the bus stop this morning, a reminder the kids might want a sweatshirt or light jacket just to get out the door, because we're starting out cool with a lot of the suburbs in the 50s. could be as low as 52 in the outlying areas and 60 in urban centers. that's what it looks like on the bus stop this morning. irma is a category four storm diminishing in strength a little bit, but still a major storm and very, very dangerous and it looks like it will hammer southern florida. i'll have the latest coming up. >> reporter: let's focus on the roads, blue route, approaching the schuylkill expressway northbound traffic heading toward the pennsylvania turnpike. roads are clear and dry, you're moving nicely here. we have issues on route 73. the accident investigation going
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on on the route 73 southbound off-ramp to berlin-cross keys. we switched the camera angle a little bit, watch for crews on the scene him -- an accident investigation happening right now. the ben franklin bridge moving okay coming into the city. we have construction new castle county i-95 southbound between dare avenue and 295. crews out here have just cleared. they are out here blocking two lanes 295 northbound near edgemore road that will be out there for a while affecting your morning commute for a couple of hours. news breaking from mexico, 8.2 magnitude earthquake hitting off the mexican coast five
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people killed, a number of rescues underway. the quake was so strong it caused buildings to sway, actually we'll take a turn and go to katherine scott who is looking another story right now a sexual assault of a young woman on a college campus at la salle. let's go over to katherine. >> reporter: tam, that's right, police are investigating the case as a sexual assault. the victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment. police were hear overnight gathering evidence. the search continues for those responsible. this happened near the 5600 block of ogontz avenue in logan. the victim was walking close to la salle's campus within blocks. the victim was chased by two suspects, and assaulted near a basketball court in kemball park. the suspects fled the scene, the have him was taken to the
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hospital. no description of the suspects have been released. police will check nearby surveillance cameras to see if there's any footage that can help in the investigation. they want to hear from you if you have any tips or information call the special victims unit. live in logan, katherine scott which i which i. a powerful 8.2 earthquake hit off the coast of mexico with gawt guatemala. frightened people ran into the pitch black streets with no power, others caught in traffic jams as it happened. the president of the country saying it is the strongest quake in a century to strike the country. >> now to the latest on hurricane irma. there is a mass exodus underway
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in florida. turks and caicos is the latest island in the cross hairs. it is heading for the bahamas now. stephanie ramos is live with the latest. what do we know? >> reporter: we know that the deadly storm is getting closer and closer to south florida as you mentioned. a million people have been ordered to evacuate the area as hurricane irma barrels through the caribbean leaving a mess of a devastation behind. hurricane irma is the strongest storm to turn in the atlantic ocean and it is plowing it's way through the caribbean. >> it is the worst time of my life. and i would not see it again. >> reporter: with 175-mile an hour winds irma ravaged small northern caribbean islands like st. maartan and barbuda. the storm staying offshore, but
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leaving a million people without power. it could take months to get restored. in florida, the govenor saying this is a historic disaster and residents should listen to emergency evacuation. >> remember hurricane andrew the worst storm in florida. though storm is worse. >> everyone in south florida should be preparing for the landfall of a catastrophic major hurricane. >> reporter: thousands are clogging highways, some lining up for miles trying to fuel up as gas stations run dry. >> we're trying to get out of harm's way. >> others are riding out the storm stocking up on water, supplies, sandbags while airports are packed with people trying to get out of dodge. major airlines canceling 4,000 flights in irma's path. thousands are trying to evacuate the area. we know that there are 8
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shelters in place in miami knee dade county. some are have been killed to filled to capacity. hurricane irma is expected to cover the entire state of florida. the storm will not stop here, current weather models have it heading up north toward georgia. >> thank you stephanie. 100 members of the new jersey army national guard are shipping out ahead of the storm part of the 253 transportation company outfitted with high wheels military vehicles to get through flooding. task force one has been activated. they have just returned from duty during hurricane harvey. "action news" reporter, brian taff is heading to florida to cover hurricane irma. you can find his live reports beginning later today. 5:38 a.m., now to a developing story in spring garden, a father was gunned down in front of his 2-year-old daughter during a robbery. the victim gave up the money, but the thieves opened fire anyway. the father parked the car on
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mellon street. neighbors rushed to the side of the 38-year-old man. >> by the time we ran up to him, people were bandaging him and holding him. >> reporter: where was he shot. >> in the head and the face. there was a pool of blood. >> police are searching for two men described as being in their late teens and early 20s. anyone with information is urged to contact philadelphia police. a police officer is among those injured in the north philadelphia house fire. chopper 6 hd was over the 2900 block of north 6th street after 10:00 p.m. the police officer and another man were treated for smoke at the hospital. crews quickly brought the fire under control. there's no word on a cause there. let's turn to david murphy to talk about our accuweather. you feel bad when it calms to hurricane irma balls it's lovely here. >> reporter: you feel relief because it's beautiful around here this weekend. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry. as we look outside we're looking
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at some cloud cover overhead. overall we're looking at a sunny start for the most part and we'll transition to partly sunny skies for portions of the day. the temperature to start out is cool, 59 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint down there pretty low. winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. ocean temperature 71. future tracker 6 shows us a general sunny start in the afternoon we may see clouds mixing in. this is the noon view later in the afternoon between say 2, 3, 4, 5:00 p.m., there's a chance of a spotty pop-up sprinkle or brief shower in the northern suburbs. that continues straight up until 7:00 p.m. tonight. most of you stay dry, if you see something it's minor, i want you to know that the possibility is out there, in case you see a drizzle drop or rain drops on the windshield. 55 degrees by 8:00 a.m. noon, 68. 3:00 p.m., 73 that's the high today with partly sunny skies.
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a little bit breezy out there. the highs across the region, 71 in allentown. 72 in trenton. 74 in wilmington. there's the 73 in philadelphia. reading, 72. 75 in millville. looks like 73 in cape may, 74 at the boar -- boardwalk in ac. moderate risk of rip currents. high school, kickoff, 68. 4th quarter, 62. suburbs subtract 3 to 4 degrees from those numbers. i could see sweatshirts in the stands tonight. hurricane irma is which you think in the carribean. it is starting to pull away from the turks and caicos where it has done major damage. the southern bahamas will get the storm. while it has diminished in winds from five to category four. it's still a dangerous storm as it comes into southern florida
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over the weekend, conditions getting worse saturday afternoon and the landfall saturday night. as you can see the storm now in the most likely scenario stays over lands and diminishes in strength even more with a category 2 around orlando, florida. 105-mile an hour winds can do a lot of damage. the storm wants to glide into the southern states and die there in the middle of next week. this graphic shows you gusts starting at 2:30 p.m. saturday afternoon. saturday night, 117-mile an hour wind gusts in key largo. 127 in miami and key largo and west palm beach gets that as the storm cuts in there. this is the gfs model this will give the wind conditions southern florida faces this weekend. 73 sunny and nice today. 71 tomorrow, 74 on sunday,
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mostly sunny and nice. monday, 76 and nice. whether we get rain from irma depends on where the remnants of the storm winds up. if it happens it will be rain tuesday afternoon through wednesday and thursday, you will see highs in the mid to low 70s through that period. changes are coming to how colleges handle sexual assaults, the protections that the education secretary said need to be rolled back. a man breaches the airport armed armed with a knife. an accident investigation has cleared, route 73 southbound the off-ramp about berlin crosss road. we'll go to exton chester county route 100 coming up.
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>> welcome back taking a live look here, the view out across penns landing over the ben franklin bridge. it is 5:46 a.m., 59 degrees. it is chilly out there. i stepped out in a little sweater and turned around to get the fleece sweatshirt. >> i had turn on the heat.
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tam has her southern twang. in the afternoon it will be beautiful and below average. exton, chester county traffic is above average. that's good news for you. there's a little volume on the road, but not big issues. southbound traffic toward route 100 registered toward the 30 bypass. coming in from phoenixville or lionville no issues at commerce drive. cinnaminson, construction crews are blocking the two left lanes on 130 northbound between church road and haynes mill road. watch for that. it will be out there for another half-hour. let's hop on a major and check out i-95 cottman southbound traffic heading toward center city moving nicely we see the green traffic flow, 14, 13 minutes between woodhaven and the vine no issues on i-95. no promises for an hour from now, but for now you're looking good. tam and jennette mentioning how
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cool it is out there. look at the numbers, you're in the 40s in quakertown and pottstown, 49 degrees. 51 in bethlehem. 41 lake harmony. 53 in warminster. 54 in malvern, and media. 59. 50s in center city. in the new jersey, 51 in browns mill, 62 in brigantine. 52 for the kids heading to glassboro for early morning classes. 56 degrees in dover, delaware. heading up to 73. >> new this morning, police shot a knife-wielding man who breached security at the miami airport. it happened as travelers were trying to leave florida ahead of hurricane irma last night. authorities say the man snuck on the tarmac and tried to get back into the terminal through the ceiling when officers confronted him and shot him. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> a philadelphia police officer has been fired for fatally shooting a flee suspect in the back.
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commissioner richard ross said the officer violated department policy several times during a confrontation with david jones back in june. he pulled over jones in hunting park while already transporting another suspect which should not have been done. during an initial struggle with jones who was armed, the officer's gun jammed. jones ran. black lives matter which has held repeated protests in support of jones and jones' mother called the dismissal a good joan. the police recall -- reallies that supported the officer had no comment. betsy deacrossvos announce yesterday that sexual assault
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6:28 a.m. the platt bridge by i-95 and westbound traffic on your left heading toward the airport. moving nicely right now, no big issue, we're clear and dry, mass transit running on time. we are starting out cool, 54 in wilmington and trenton. 65 in cape may. not a lot of wind, but some kids might want a jacket waiting for the bus. 56 degrees by 7:00 a.m. it's a slow climb by 68 by noon. the afternoon high of 73. sun and clouds, a little bit breezy overall a nice september afternoon ahead. jennette. >> thank you, david. more than $330,000 worth of marijuana went up in smoke in ohio. investigators burned a pile of the plant as part of a three day eradication operation. a lot of marijuana was growing i illegally on vacant property or
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dunkin' donuts. this is coffee. back, happy friday. looking at the commodore barry bridge. time 5:56 a.m., cool 69 degrees. >> coming in from new jersey, police made an arrest in connection with the deadly
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crash. robert garner junior was charged with vehicular homicide operating a pickup truck while drunk. cat lean lavance was killed. he was charged with operating the truck under the influence. charlie dent said he never expected to serve as long as he has. he criticized the increased polarization and dysfunction on kill. we'll tell you what you need to know about the massive equafax cyber attack. >> we talk to people whose
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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., friday, september 8. matt o'donnell is off, jeanette reyes is here. >> we're following breaking news, a young woman is assaulted near the campus of la salle yesterday. we'll have a live report on the story. we're following the latest on hurricane irma's path and trail of destruction as the u.s. perhaps for a strike. a cyber breach, private information as 150 million people could be affected, even if you don't have he equifax yor information could be compromised. >> let's go outside to david murphy with accuweather


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